Jane Collings Counselling

MBACP, Dip (couns), Dip ICH (Hypnotherapy)

Hi I'm Jane. I'm an integrative counsellor with five years experience working with individuals, couples and young people over 16. I'm also a trained hypnotherapist. My aim is to help you bring more of a sense of peace into your life which in turn, can help you to achieve more of the things you want. If you're feeling anxious, depressed, lost, confused, angry or bereaved it can be extremely helpful to have someone impartial to talk through your issues with. I offer a safe, warm hearted and confidential space in which I support you in making sense of your feelings, and finding new ways of managing them.

Maybe this is your first step into counselling or perhaps you've had some counselling before and you're seeking to try a different approach. The integrative counselling model that I'm trained in combines psychodynamic and person centred approaches - This basically means we explore current life difficulties, noticing links with past traumas where appropriate. We go at whatever pace you feel safe with and tailor the sessions to suit your needs using a variety of therapeutic tools, which we can discuss as we go along.

Person centred therapy works on the theory that you, the client, posess somewhere within you everything you need to become emotionally balanced and healed. No two people are the same, so nobody other than yourself can tell you what's right for you personally. But dedicating time to vocalising whats going on inside you, with somebody listening very carefully to your words can be quite illuminating - as you realise you have more answers than you thought, things gradually start to make more sense.

The psychodynamic aspect of the integrative approach involves linking your current feelings to your past experiences such as those in childhood or in past relationships. Events in the past that have yet to be fully processed can have a profound effect on how we feel and behave in the present, so it's helpful to take these into account when looking at ourselves from account broad perspective.

My style of therapy is quite eclectic. As well as integrative counselling I offer a range of emotional healing techniques that aren't so much based in talking for the client. If you decide you would like to try hypnotherapy or breath work, which can be very powerful for releasing trauma and lessening the effects of painful memories, we can arrange longer sessions as needed. I also teach lucid dreaming as its a very useful tool for self discovery that you can use at home, along side your therapy.

I offer long or short term arrangements both for individuals and couples, and a free, no obligation telephone consultation which gives you the opportunity to ask questions or share some of your story before we decide to go ahead and work together.

I charge £45 per 50 minute session or £35 for counselling students and concessions. I currently work from Bromley and Maidstone in Kent. We can discuss availability over the phone or via email.

Don't hestitate, call now!